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Please seek professional help if you are struggling or concerned about your mental health.

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Online Clinic (Black Dog Institute): 

Free Online Self-Help Program (Black Dog Institute): 

Useful articles: 

Planking for Positivity is not a counselling or intervention organisation. For more information on who to speak with, please visit our emergency or helpline sections. 


If a life is in danger, please contact your local emergency services.

Australia: 000

Hong Kong: 999

India: 112

Japan: 110 for police and 119 for ambulance/fire

Singapore: 999 for police and 995 for ambulance/fire

United Kingdom: 999

United States of America: 911




Hong Kong:







  • SOS (Samaritans of Singapore): Call 1800 221 4444 or visit


United Kingdom:


United States of America:


For other global crisis centres, please visit