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Let's start a global conversation and end the stigma on mental health

Your contribution will get us one step closer to raising awareness and removing mental related stigma.

What We Want

With what is happening around the world, there are now more of us struggling. Mental illness does not discriminate.  For us at Planking For Positivity, we want to end the stigma and start a global conversation. It's OK to talk about it.

How You Can Help

Let's start by showing the world that anxiety is nothing to be embarrassedabout. Join the Planking For Positivity challengedonate and help us spread the word. Be part of the movement to end the stigma on mental illness!

join the challenge

Together, we can end the stigma on mental illness. Help spread the word.


Record A Plank

Record a video Planking for Positivity. Feel free to do any style of plank.


Tell The World

Share what you are anxious about and the changes you will make for the better.



Post your video and nominate 3 people. Remember to #planking4plus


Our major supporters strongly share our passion and vision to improve the future of mental health.

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